Python Generated Pugh Chart Populated from Airtable

On Pugh Charts

Sample Pugh Chart for robot that lifts and transports cubes. In this, Design 1 has the highest score which represents the most viable solution.

On Airtable

Airtable is an amazingly powerful organizational tool that packs the power of a database within an intuitive user interface.

Sample Airtable for my student organization BLUElab Thailand.
Sample form for my student organization BLUElab Thailand. Responses to this form will automatically populate the spreadsheet.

The Project

Airtable Integration

I used the Python wrapper found here.

Comparison Algorithm

TL;DR storing data as key-value pairs in a dictionary where keys are solutions and values are data for each requirement. Averages are taken for keys with more than one entry in Airtable.


Next Steps and Takeaways

Parts of this code could definitely be optimized, as some Big O times are n². I also want to make this more user friendly —as of now, the program is extremely unforgiving when the user makes a typo. I should have implemented try-catch statements to alleviate this issue. I could also display all possible table names, column names, etc. before prompting the user.

Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, Recent College Graduate

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